Books are tools that can change your business.





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Books go where you can’t go and stay longer than you can stay.
— Tony Jeary, author of over 50 books

Publishing is a tool, a powerful one.

Books can be strategic tools for your business, and we know how to utilize them to grow brands, generate leads, and increase profits.

A book can go to the places you can’t go, and reach the hundreds and thousands of people you cannot reach—extending your message, product, platform, brand, and ultimately, grow your business.

With over two decades of publishing experience, TJI has collaborated and strategically produced hundreds of books and campaigns from concept to creation for our clients, including athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and—most powerfully—both private & public companies.

To further support our clients’ publishing objectives, TJI launched RESULTS! Faster Publishing, a one-stop shop for all your publishing needs.

TJI has a proven track record of taking an opportunity and using publishing as a strategy to expand that opportunity into profit.

We are not big. Just powerful. We only publish for a select few.

We know the business—the inside scoop on how the industry works from production to distribution to getting the right eyes on a book to generate buzz and get people to take action.

Healthy Home New York Times

RESULTS Faster! Publishing is uniquely positioned to write, edit, design, package, publish, launch, and distribute powerful books and strategize successful campaigns for our clients.

From Dr. Wentz’s The Healthy Home, which TJI helped shepherd on to the New York Times Bestseller list, to Tony’s very own Life is a Series of Presentations, which Shark Tank’s Daymond John recommended as one of the six titles everyone should read, the RESULTS Faster! Publishing arsenal coupled with Tony Jeary International’s impressive rolodex of contacts puts us in a very unique position to do things the biggest NYC publishers can't do.

Daymond John Recommends Tony's Books

We have connections with agents, publishers, packagers, editors, proofers, designers, and printers, which means saving money and time for you.

Bottom line, we can:

• Extend your brand
• Enhance your platform
• Support speaking engagements
• Create leads/grow sales
• Impact cultures
• Drive credibility
• Make a profit
• And so much more!