A Note from Tony:

I’ve authored more than fifty books that have all served to complement and enhance my practice of enriching people’s lives. 

 Someone once shared this powerful one-liner with me: Books can go where you can’t go and stay longer than you can stay. I knew, then, that well-written books were the best way to give more people the benefit of what I had learned and to spread the concepts that have helped me and so many others achieve extraordinary results.

My hope is that my books will forever impact your life, just as so many people have impacted mine. Dig in.

Serving the Best,

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Tony Jeary



Inspire Any Audience

Zig Ziglar called it “the ultimate presenter handbook”. Whether you’re presenting to five people, five hundred, or five thousand, Inspire Any Audience delivers everything you need to become a polished, professional, and inspiring presenter. 

We originally self-published Inspire Any Audience and then had our agent obtain an advance to pay us back to launch the book. 


Strategic Acceleration

The Strategic Acceleration methodology presented in this book will help you get more clear, stay more focused, and more efficiently execute High Leverage Activities (HLAs) that bring you the results and success you want—faster.

Strategic Acceleration started out as a passport, but the positive response was so overwhelming we decided to turn it into a bestseller with Perseus.


Life is a Series of Presentations

This book will teach you easy-to-use skills that can change the way you approach every interaction. The eight essential presentation practices we share will allow you to master any exchange, whether it involves a roomful of colleagues, a small group, or just one other person.

We invested strategically into a robust book proposal that resulted in an auction of 6 publishing houses with a big advance. Life is a Series of Presentations launched with Simon & Schuster to become an instant best-seller and was eventually published in several different languages. About a year ago, Daymond John, of the critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy®-Award-winning reality show Shark Tank, hailed it as one of the top six business books everyone should read (right up there with Napoleon Hill’s bestseller, Think and Grow Rich).



Praise for Tony’s Books

“Whether we like it or not, people who articulate well, both privately and in front of a group, are generally perceived to be more intelligent and possess greater leadership qualities.

There’s no doubt about it: being able to speak effectively is vitally important, whether the intent is to ask for a raise or persuade an individual or company to take a specific action…Tony Jeary is a master at handling these occasions, and more importantly, he has developed a system that is easy to learn, understand, and implement, so your own effectiveness will quickly improve. It’s good stuff!”

—Zig Ziglar, Book 1: Inspire Any Audience (1997)



“Within these pages you will learn how to get the very most out of yourself, both as an individual and in your relationships with others. You will learn how to set better goals, make better plans, and develop better strategies for achieving those goals—on schedule. Tony Jeary is one of the most insightful and intelligent writers, thinkers, speakers, and presenters in America today…Get ready for an exciting ride!”

—Brian Tracy, Book 10: Success Acceleration (2002)



“My good friend Tony Jeary and I have worked together on several projects over the years. We produced a video series together called “Inspire Any Audience.” I soon learned that Tony has a gift for helping people articulate things they want to communicate but simply do not know how. I found Tony to be extremely knowledgeable in the area of communication—the field of study to which I have devoted my entire life.

Even though Tony knows an incredible amount of information and is an accomplished professional speaker, I have seen him show gentleness and be helpful to many who aspire to be better speakers.”

—Zig Ziglar, Book 14: Presenting with Style (2006)



“What Tony shares in Strategic Acceleration about clarity, focus, and execution is extremely valuable for anyone wanting to excel.”

—SUCCESS Magazine, Book 37: Strategic Acceleration (2009)



“We decided that I would conduct lengthy, personal interviews with thirty of Tony’s best long-term customers. What I discovered in those interviews was amazing to me…[It] also convinced me to finally join with Tony on a full-time basis and become the president of his company…What did we discover in the interviews of our customers? The interviews kept producing the same three words over and over again: Clarity—Focus—Execution!

Tony was helping people get clarity for their strategic vision, helping them focus on the things that really matter, and helping them develop powerful strategies to execute their vison. As a result, his customers were able to improve their results significantly, within time frames that they had not believed possible.”

—Jim Norman, Book 37: Strategic Acceleration (2009)



“In the game of life, what we don’t know can blindside us. Ultimate Health is about creating awareness and guiding us along the most positive preventive medicine path.”

—Troy Aikman, Super Bowl MVP, Book 35: Ultimate Health (2013)



“I can tell you that I’ve never seen a person be more diligent and persistent about executing a strategic plan. . . . As I have watched Tony build a company with a client list made up with some of the smartest business people in the world, I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating just what it is about Tony that separates him from other strategic consultants.

Here’s the answer: Tony Jeary helps people think differently! He does it by the example he models, by the practices he teaches, and by the open way he shares his personal and professional life with others. This book, Living in the Black, is a classic example of Tony’s open approach to sharing information. It comes out of a sincere and honest desire to help others become the absolute best they can be while inspiring them to experience life at its fullest.”

—Jim Norman, Book 42: Living in the Black (2014)



You’re never too young or too old to benefit from great advice from others—or to give it away—and you can never reach a level of success where you no longer need it…[Tony] and Jay have a mutual friend, Peter Thomas, who has been a serial entrepreneur for more than four decades, specializing in franchising and real estate. Peter has developed billions of dollars in real estate projects, including shopping centers, apartments, condominiums, and golf courses, and he built Century 21 all across Canada.

The second time Tony met him, Peter arranged for them to meet on his yacht. With all of his successes, within one hour of that meeting, he said to Tony, “I want you to be my coach for life.”

Jay has been Tony’s business mentor for years. Yet, because he believes so strongly in the impact that great advice can have, he recently took the management team of a company he founded to Tony’s studio for a strategic planning session and asked Tony to “pour it on!” The results have been no less than amazing. In the past 90 days, the company has enjoyed more profit growth than they experienced in the prior twelve months. More importantly, they have now focused on a niche market that they are uniquely qualified to serve.”

—Jay Rodgers, Book 45: Advice Matters (2015)



“I am very thankful for my dad, Tony Jeary, who helped guide me in decisions and direction in my life. He did a great job at pouring a great amount of knowledge into my life.

He is veryknowledgeable and always there to answer a question…One of my favorite things that he did was show me the world…I think it is very important to see the world from others’ perspective, and traveling was a great way to do that…Connections were a theme that my dad taught me.

A quote my dad said that stuck with me is, ‘It’s not about the grades you make, but the number of hands you shake.’ I have learned the power of personal connections.

—Paige Jeary (Age 20), Book 49: Family Wealth (2017)